Introducing AEYESAFE’s Senior Monitoring System

AEYESAFE is an award-winning AI monitoring system that enhances senior safety, giving you the peace of mind you want and the privacy your loved one needs.

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AEYESAFE’s Senior Monitoring System

Senior safety just became a whole lot smarter OR Smarter Senior Safety

AEYESAFE is an award-winning AI monitoring system that enhances senior safety, giving you the peace of mind you want and the privacy your loved one needs.

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About Us

Who we are

Aeyesafe understands the nuances of senior caregiving, balancing privacy and independence with safety and peace of mind. Our Ai sensors provide safety monitoring for a growing population of seniors, many of whom are living alone.

In potentially critical situations, you can trust AEYESAFE to alert the caregiver through any mobile network, decreasing response time and increasing recovery chances.

No wearable technology

Wearable technology is too unreliable for today’s caregivers. Our technology utilizes wall and pressure sensors to give caregivers around-the-clock monitoring while protecting senior privacy.

Around-the-clock monitoring and privacy protection

Our sensors use artificial intelligence to provide near-human-like ability in around-the-clock senior monitoring.

Artificial intelligence-based behavioral analysis

Our sensors can detect abnormal changes in behavior and promptly alert trusted caregivers of a potential issue.

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No wearable devices needed. We preserve user's privacy!

Unlike conventional safety devices which are worn as a pendant, AEYESAFE monitors an individual from a distance indoors using AI sensors technology.

24/7 Human like observation and privacy protection.

With our artificial intelligent sensors, we provide the closest to human-like ability of a monitoring system, giving seniors safety, privacy and dignity.

Artificial intelligence-based behavioral analysis.

AEYESAFE comes with an app that keeps a behavioral history of your loved ones at their residence, providing moment-to-moment records and predictions warning you of potential dangers ahead of time.


What We Do

Smart senior safety is our mission – and our heart. We strive to help caregivers provide the highest level of care to seniors with the most advanced technology out there.

Efficient reporting

AEYESAFE is one single platform and one single reporting system to support a variety of safety needs. From falls and stroke prevention to combating isolation and identifying problematic urinary tract infections, our senior safety system has you (and your loved one) covered.

Behavior Monitoring

Abnormal behaviors and movements are not always cause for concern, but they can be - and our AI sensors can tell the difference. Using a state-of-the-art prediction model, our technology can detect abnormal movements and behaviors that may point to a larger health concern.

Real-time alerts

When there is cause for concern, our sensors send real-time critical alerts providing the information you need to help quickly. Critical location, time, behavior, predictive risk alert information.

Our Devices

Ai sensors

AI Thermal Sensors: Our thermal sensors provide 24/7 monitoring to track body temperature (especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic) and movement throughout the home, showing you where a loved one is located based on their heat signature.


AI Radar/LiDar Sensors: Radar/LiDar technology meets artificial intelligence with our Radar/LiDar AI sensors, tracking movements and detecting falls while protecting the privacy that seniors desire.


AI Sleep Sensors: Sensors placed under bedposts monitor sleep habits, alert caregivers to extended times in or out of bed, and track vitals, including an individual’s heart rate, breath rate, movement, and sleep condition.

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